In Our Greenhouse

We opened in 1956 and started with just two rows of onions.


We’re proud to offer plants that are locally grown to ensure that they will thrive in the sometimes unpredictable seasons of Kansas.


In need of inspiration or ideas? We’re happy to help you find the perfect plant for your gardens, containers and landscapes.


Our garden centers are open from just after last frost to just before the first frost. Our greenhouse is open all year, plus we have a gift gallery and clothing boutique!


Be sure to check out our upcoming events. In the spring, fall and winter we host events and have workshops to show you tips & trick for you, your garden & your home.

Our main greenhouse is located in Pleasantview, Kansas.  The address is 6709 West Highway 61 Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 – 5 miles southwest of Hutchinson, KS on K61 & US50

Stutzmans Greenhouse & Gift Gallery in Pleasantview

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Stutzmans Greenhouse & Gift Gallery in Pleasantview 37.996224, -98.032915



8AM to 5PM


8AM to 5PM


8AM to 5PM


8AM to 5PM


8AM to 5PM


8AM to 5PM

Closed on Sunday

Closed on Sunday

We Love to Have Fun

Learning at our workshops are fun too!  Jason (our plant guru) shares his vast knowledge of plants, Tawnya (our Gift Gallery designer) shares great decorating tips & tricks.  Always a lot of laughs!  Check out this video where Jason shares his knowledge of soil and hanging baskets …

There’s a lot to see!

gift gallery
clothing boutique

It’s a busy time and there’s still something always going on in our greenhouse!  We have over 38,000 feet (not including our back patio and rose house) of greenhouse to explore … and that is a lot to explore!  If you’ve never been to our Greenhouse, we’d love to have you come see us soon! Plus we’ve completely remolded and we hope you like what you see.

At Stutzmans, we grow most everything we sell, using plant selections that have been proven to perform well in the Kansas climate. It is important to select the plants best suited for the spot of sun or shade that you want to plant them in. That is where we can help you be successful. Our Garden Centers will be open all summer long with a new crop of very heat tolerant plants. Some choices will be large hanging baskets, patio planters and 5.5″ pots of annuals you can use to pop into planters. You may have some plants that have been struggling in your pots or may want to plant new planters and get that instant WOW that you would like to see.


Happy customers.

“Was just telling my coworkers that every vegetable plant I’ve gotten from you has out preformed the same plants from other greenhouses. You know what you’re doing!”

Jackie B.

“They were so helpful and gave me suggestions about what to plant! I had never planted succulents before and they helped me choose the best ones. Great selection and so many color choices!”

Kimberly B.

“Stutzman’s not only has the best quality flowers, plants and veggies, they are the finest people you will ever meet. I wouldn’t buy my plants anywhere else!”

Robin S.



  1. Do you have Wolf Eyes Dogwood and how much?

    • Unfortunately we don’t carry Wolf Eyes Dogwood. We will have several species of dogwood but they won’t arrive until late March or early April. Check back with us then and we’ll know exactly what species & pricing. Thanks!

  2. When do you open back up in salina? I am excited!

    • Hi Ashley,
      Ideally we open just after the last frost … which we like to think will be April 15th. Hopefully! We’ll post the openings on our website and social media as soon as we do.

      We’re excited about opening back up in Salina too! 🙂

  3. Do you carry seed/bulk seed year round? Like for vegetables?

    • We don’t carry seeds year round, but we are fully stocked in them right now. We will carry seeds through the summer, and our seed potatoes just arrived this week. Drop by anytime and we’d be happy to show you what we have in stock. Thanks for checking with us!

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  5. Do you have crown of thorns plants?

    • Yes we do. Currently we have 6″ for $15.99 & 4 1/2″ for $4.99 available in red, white or yellow blooms.

  6. I already have a small potted lemon tree that I’ve had for several years and have gotten many lemons off of it. But now I’m looking for a lime tree like it. Do you carry any of them? Thanks.

    • Yes we do carry them Aaron. We should have them in our Greenhouse in Pleasantview, Kansas next week. Hope to see you soon!

  7. I am looking for a Terra cotta sealer . something i can use when making a pond from a really cool pot. I don’t want anything tonix because i may have fish but will at least have plants and don’t want to kill them. What do you suggest?

    • We don’t carry a sealer such as what you’re looking for. We’d recommend checking with a craft/hobby store (if they don’t carry it, they probably know where to find it).

  8. do you carry pond plants? And when will they be in.
    Thank you

    • We don’t carry pond plants Christy. Thanks for checking with us though!

  9. I have been using cottonseed hulls for mulch for several years, and working that mulch into the soil each year. I am wondering if I have added too much to the soil and maybe should try using a different mulch this year. What to you recommend using for mulch, in a somewhat large area?

    • You could switch over to cotton burr compost or for a more permanent solution use cypress mulch. Hope that helps!

      • But I would rather have something that I can work in to the soil each spring, to help build the soil, so I don’t want to use anything permanent. Any other solutions?

        • The cotton burr is a really good solution for you. It is designed to be used as a mulch the first year and then turned into the soil to help build your garden. Any compost will help build your gardens though. Good luck!

  10. I’m the leader of a first grade, Daisy, girl scout troop. My scouts are wanting to explore planting and growing their own garden. They are also wanting to learn more about composting (especially worms) and beneficial garden insects (particularly ladybugs). Does Stutzman’s offer tours of the greenhouses?

    • Yes we do offer tours of our Greenhouse Charlene. Please contact Jason French ( and he can help you get it set up. It will be fun!

  11. Do you have or can you get “Trumpet Flower” plant?

    • Do you mean trumpet vine? It has orange colored blossoms and will vine on, well, anything? We don’t carry that. If you know someone that has them you can easily dig up a sprout and grow … but they can be evasive and hard to control.

  12. Do you sell tea plants, and if so, what varieties? Thanks

    • Unfortunately we do not grow tea plants at this time.

  13. Do you have any seed potatoes? If so where can I pick them up.

  14. Do you carry Athena cantaloupe plants at your Great Bend location?

    • They don’t have Athena but do have Hales Best & Ball. Thanks for checking with us!

  15. I am in search of dragon wing begonia and an escargot rex begonia. Do you happen to have either of these? What other varieties of rex or came begonia do you carry? 🙂

    • We carry both red and pink dragon wing begonia. We are currently out of our rex begonias. Thanks for inquiring!

  16. Do you have lemongrass

    • Unfortunately we have sold out of our lemongrass Patricia.

  17. I have been searching the salina store for Magill for several weeks. Will you be stocking any soon?

    • Yes we will be carrying it as part of our summer growing program Cheryl. Check back in a week and it should be in-stock. Hope to see you then 🙂

  18. Will you have any Magilla at the salina store soon?

  19. We are looking for a large indoor plant – 5-6 ft tall, 3 ft, (or so) in width. Maybe a ficus or columnal style palm? Prefer a variety that does not drop leaves. Thanks!

    • Unfortunately we don’t have anything that large at the moment. Most of our larger sizes currently are only 3 feet tall. Thanks for checking with us!

  20. I have a small gardening business and I purchase and plant for clients. I buy tax exempt and was wondering if you offer that service. If so I would like to set up an account, I purchase from your Wichita locations.

    • You would want to speak with Jason French. His e-mail is – thanks for checking with us!

  21. Do you have blueberry plants/bushes for sale?

    • Hi Brian,

      Unfortunately we do not carry blueberry plants/bushes. Thanks for checking with us though!

  22. I’m looking for drought resistant ornamental grasses. Do you have any?

  23. Do you have sweet olive bushes?

    • Unfortunately we do not, but thank you for checking with us!

  24. I have a climbing rose bush I purchased 4 years ago. It was a yellow bush. It has done well. But now the buds are RED! can you tell me what is going on?

    • The native roots of the grafted plant are causing that. Send us an email at and we’ll give you details. Thanks for checking with us!

  25. I’m looking for Anna bell hydrangea. Would you have any at pratt or great bend?

    • Unfortunately we do not at this time. Thanks for checking with us!

  26. Do you carry activated charcoal and sphagnum moss?

    • Unfortunately we do not. Thanks for checking with us!

  27. Looking for employment this coming season, when u open in Pratt. How can I put in a job app., & when do u start hiring for this location? Thank you…

  28. Do you carry cherry trees?

    • At our Greenhouse in Pleasantview we carry cherry trees and bushes. Thanks for checking with us!

  29. when will your geraniums be coming out?

    • The larger varieties are ready now, and the smaller within a week. Thanks for checking with us!

  30. Where is the Pratt shop at and is it open now?

    • Yes it is open. It’s located at 1801 East 1st and used to be a car wash. Hope to see you soon!

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