Our Production area is massive and we’re proud of our plants.  With over 7 acres of greenhouse and 4 acres of outdoor growing space, we have a lot of them!  From flowers to vegetables in many different container sizes, we grow so that they’re ready to flourish in your gardens and containers from the beginning.

We have so many plants in production all waiting to go to our Garden Centers, and then home with you!

Yes we grow for fundraisers:

Stutzmans Greenhouse grows poinsettias and mums  for fundraising.

For more information about how your organization can partner with Stutzmans Greenhouse in fundraising contact Stephanie at 620 662-0559.

Production in early spring.


  1. Could you open a store in Arkansas City?

    • While we have no immediate plans to open new Garden Center locations, we believe in the saying “never say never”.

      There is a lot of planning and process that must happen but we will certainly give your suggestion serious thought when we’re looking to expand locations!

  2. Cool pics and blog! thanks for shrniag. I didn’t have a good yield last year with my broccoli but this year I already got 6 large heads and five of the plants are producing smaller side heads. I hope your flavor is just as good. Fertilizer certainly helps I know. I have only been gardening about a year so I continue to learn every day!good luck!!Melanie

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